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Diagnostic & Repair
If unit is NOT using chlorine.
1st Check the clarity of the chlorine in the storage reservoir to determine if pipe was cleaned during installation as per the assembly instructions. If chlorine appears cloudy, remove filter and orifice assembly from bottom of hose in chlorine reservoir. With sufficient water in pump tank, turn pump on, insert hose back into chlorine reservoir and use the venturi action from the chlorinator to syphon contaminated chlorine from reservoir. Rinse filter and orifice assembly with high pressure water nozzle, reinstall, and check to see if unit is functioning.
2nd With water in the pump tank, turn pump on and remove the short 1/4" hose from the barb fitting on the venturi. After removal, with pump running, a suction on the barb fitting should be felt, or a hissing sound may be audible at the barb fitting. If there is no suction at barb fitting, remove barb fitting and check for an obstruction in the back of the barb fitting or in the venturi itself. Clear obstruction if necessary and reinstall barb fitting and hose assembly.
3rd If suction at the venturi is good, remove hose from the storage reservoir side of the check valve, and check to see if there is a suction through the check valve. If no suction, replace check valve.
4th If the suction at the check valve is good, remove the filter/orifice assembly from the hose inside the storage reservoir, and check for suction on hose. If no suction is felt, check for collapsed or kinked tubing between storage reservoir and pump tank riser.
5th If ALL else appears to be in good working order, replace filter/orifice assembly.
If unit is using EXCESSIVE chlorine.
1st Check for excessive water usage (i.e. leaking toilets, groundwater infiltration into system, etc.).
2nd Check for stopped up sprinklers and/or pump intake screen (extended pump run-time results in excessive chlorine usage).
3rd Examine the filter and make sure the orifice has not been removed from the barb fitting side (it should be snapped into the barb).
Use ONLY 6.00% - 8.00% Sodium Hypochlorite that is E.P.A. Approved for wastewater disinfection